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About the DC-THERA European Network

by zope — last modified 2007-04-27 14:38

DC-THERA is a Network of Excellence established under the European Commission (EC) Sixth Framework Programme, Project Number 512074

  • Dendritic cells (DC) are specialised cells of the immune system that trigger and control many types of immune response. There is considerable interest in using DC to treat cancer, HIV and many other infectious and inflammatory diseases.
  • DC-THERA  integrates the activities of 32 European groups in the field as well as a growing number of Associated Partners,  provides new initiatives to sustain and enhance Europe’s position in the area, and helps to translate discoveries from DC immunobiology into clinical therapies.
  • Activities are aimed at exploiting developments in dendritic cell biology as a new approach to immunotherapy. The network is multidisciplinary and includes scientists working on dendritic cell biology, clinicians, and SMEs active in the field.  ( read more...)